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Part & Parcel is a career platform and marketplace that connects land professionals and businesses across multiple industries.



Created by experts in the field, Part & Parcel addresses the struggles both sides can face when looking for or staffing new projects. At Part & Parcel, our main commitment is to streamline this process, delivering customized training and coaching, and matching land agents and companies in a way that ensures a long and happy partnership.


Finding a Partner
or a Project.

Our simple career development platform and marketplace solves multiple challenges that land agents and companies seeking them face during the pairing process. Whether you’re a land agent looking for a new project or a company seeking the ideal land professional to help you achieve your objectives, here’s how Part & Parcel optimizes the process:


your skills and expertise

Connects you with opportunities across multiple industries

Provides customized training and coaching

Eliminates the need to fill out multiple applications to get a job


Finds best-qualified agents for your project

Maximizes the talent pool you’re searching

Eliminates guesswork and minimizes costly turnover

Offers reliable partnership with qualified pros

It’s Time to Get to Work

You don’t have to recreate the wheel every time you are looking to find a new project or locate a new land professional.

There’s a better way – one where you don’t have to be a technology wizard or know all the right people in order to get a meeting or find a great candidate.

Part & Parcel is ready to simplify, streamline, and optimize the way you do job searching and recruiting – and you only have one stop to make to achieve both goals. Let’s get to work!


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