Part & Parcel Feature Release 1/2022

Jan 6, 2022

Part & Parcel is just a few months old, but in that short amount of time we’ve been focused on bringing value to our members. Our roadmap is long, of course, but when it comes to it, we’re ensuring that the platform is intent on helping land professionals become more marketable (and having a little fun while they do it). So, in that spirit, we’ve launched a few features that should help bring value to your day-to-day search for work and beyond.

Helpful Resources at Your Fingertips

We’ve added a Resources section to help you get what you need in just one spot. In this section we include video recordings from our professional development series as well as curated events that might be helpful to you. You’ll notice that it’s a little sparse at the moment, but we plan on updating it weekly with new and useful content. Stay tuned!

Land agent resources at part and parcel

Fresh Jobs

Looking for land professional jobs on websites that are designed for all types of jobs can be time consuming. That’s why our staff has spent some time curating land professional jobs that we think will help you find your next best thing. We include a few key pieces of information including the location, company, date posted, and a short description. Just click to apply.

part and parcel curated job board

Sharpen Your Skills

We kicked off our monthly professional development series! Members are able to register, watch, and interact with experts in their field. Some of our scheduled topics include the future of the industry, interviewing for the job, highlighting your expertise, the important differences between oil and gas and renewable energy, digital organization, and the seven traits of a successful land agent. All of these topics are then archived in our Resources section for future reference.

screenshot of upcoming webinars and past webinars for our professional development program

Celebrate Your Wins

As you go through the process of completing your profile, registering for a webinar, and taking assessments, our platform wants to congratulate you with a badge. We hope these little badges are encouraging and add a little bit of fun to your user experience.

Screenshot of two badges indicating that someone has finished their profile and taken an assessment.

More Features to Come

Keep an eye out for more exciting additions to the Part & Parcel platform as we grow and evolve to better serve both our land professionals and the companies who hire them.

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