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Reach the Right Land Professionals

For your job.

Get it right and save time with the
Part & Parcel PowerMatch™

Turn the page on agent turnover

And find quality agents

We identify, engage, and qualify land professionals and match you to the ideal person to help you achieve your goals.

Part & Parcel was founded to solve the challenges many companies face in finding the right land agents to achieve their goals without the prohibitive cost.

The legacy networking approach may work for some, but today’s companies are looking to find inventive and modern ways to grow. Some companies are tired of costly agent turnover, and tedious resume-based searching. What they really want is real-time engagement with quality land agents who can get results.
Part & Parcel helps companies across many industries – oil and gas, utilities, renewables, and even employment agencies – to locate the best hires for their needs.

Outside-the-box hiring for finding uncommon talent.

Land agents you partner with need to have the right qualifications, specializations, and talent to meet your needs and get you where you want to be. Part & Parcel creates targeted outreach, insight-based matchmaking between companies and potential hires, and gives you real-time feedback as we guide you through the process of finding your ideal pairing.


Shifting culture and environment

Difficulty understanding qualifications

Difficulty reaching the right candidates

Expensive agent turnover

Mitigating hiring risk


We go beyond network or referral-based hiring

We provide you real-time feedback on agent matches

We provide insight-based matches for your needs

Our agents pairings match your culture and needs

We empower companies with information and clarity

You’re Not Hiring Us

You’re Hiring the Land Pro

We’re not a middle man. We’re a matchmaker. We connect you with your perfect land professional. No commissions, no finder’s fee. We make money from our paid subscriptions from companies and land professionals.

Types of
Land Agents

Companies are looking for land agents across a wide swath of different factors. The industry you’re in, along with cost factors, future goals, shifting culture, a competitive hiring environment, and simply lack of time to do it all can create a stress-filled and unsatisfying hiring experience. Part & Parcel does the heavy lifting for you.

With Part & Parcel’s system, your time investment is minimized, while we broaden your horizon and take the burden out of hiring land agents.

Our Land Agents include:

Specialty agents

Eminent domain, relocation, appraisal, leasing, right of way, and more

Proven technological aptitude

Land agents that help bridge the gap in your capabilities

Industry specialized

Oil and gas, renewables, utilities, telecommunications, transportation

Experience and Education

pair you with agents based upon skills and qualifications


Our Screened Pros
Ensure Excellence

Our program vets the best talent on the market today, within the specific parameters of your hiring needs and job requirements. Rigorously vetted, these agents go through in-depth assessments to earn our endorsement. With endorsed partners from multiple areas of expertise, our pro talent provides a qualified, trustworthy partner you can depend on.

Stop Working Harder,
Start Working Smarter

When you know your industry well, know your company well, and know your needs are going to require specialized land agent support, it’s a waste of time to sort through individual resumes hoping to find a needle in a haystack. Stop working harder and start working smarter – with our screened, verified legion of professionals who are ready to assist you today. Ready to meet your pro? Let’s go.